Meet Troy and Simone,

Meet Troy and Simone,

I have had a wonderful time cruising Australia with a long list of short term crew and now I leave Oz with two of the best to be on the boat. Troy and Simone will be with me throughout Indonesia.

the locks into the marina at Darwin

Troy hails from Colorado and has a vast traveling experience starting as a high school exchange student in the Czech Republic. He has visited over 30 countries in his short 26 years. Troy found us on Findacrew in Cairns and did the long and hard trip up and over the top of Australia. He has learned fast and is now experienced in all manners of Furthur. He worked hand in hand with the technicians replacing the batteries, good to have a strong back! He loves to cook and loves the Dead, perfect for Furthur.

2 yanks celebrating the 4th of July off the coast of northern Australia.

hoist the Brazilian flag!

the crew at a rally bbq

Simone is the first Brazilian to crew on Furthur. She brings a warm smile and charm with her along with a yearning to learn and have fun. She is an avid diver and is very enthusiastic about our coming adventures. She proudly raised her nations flag on the crew flag halyard.