Meet Yael

[] [] [] Meet Yael

The 37th crew on Furthur arrived just after Christmas and came aboard with gusto. Yael is from Findacrew and has eagerly anticipated her stay on Furthur for some time.

Like so many young travelers, she lives from a backpack and has traveled Australia for the last year. She volunteered in an animal sanctuary in Western Australia where she hand fed a baby orphaned Wallaby named Evie.

We have yet another language spoken on Furthur, Hebrew. Yael is from Jerusalem, Israel and is a veteran of the Israeli Army where she served as a medic. She is certainly the first crew with more fire arms experience than me.

After the army she went to “uni” and graduated with a degree in computer science. Both her computer knowledge and medic training will be great assets on board.

Yael is the consummate sight seer, while in Sydney she logged many miles and hundreds of picture while the rest of us lounged on the boat. Her quest for adventure is strong.

Like so many crew, she has already become a Big Bang Theory addict, watching episode after episode late into the night—a definite Furthur tradition.