My normally favorite place on earth turns to a wet humid and hot purgatory this time of year. Coinciding with the Pacific Northwest entering it wonderful summer season. For the last two years I have made the migration, jumped on a motorcycle and off I went. After several years of attempting to get Donna a USA visa, we found getting a Canadian one was a snap, so off to Canada we go!

The plan was for me to go early and get the bike sorted out in Washington state and head north to pick her up for her great adventure. I Landed back in the good old USA on June 10, Chris picked me up and off to Yakima over Snoqualmie Pass. A bit of a rest and pulled out the Road King, sitting for a year, she fired right up and off I went.

The challenge was to either make the Road King suitable for 2 up camping, or trade it in for a more appropriate bike. My attention soon shifted to the trade up to a Harley Davidson Ultra Glide, a true touring bike.  Again, I found trying to buy a bike remotely was just not possible.  I emailed several HD dealers, and really only got two salespeople to respond, both females by the way. By far the most responsive and helpful was Bre from the Kennewick dealer, Rattlesnake Mountain HD. As I come from a life of sales I was committed to buying from her, she earned my loyalty.

When I arrived at Rattlesnake she handed me over to a floor sales rep, who already had four similar bikes all lined up. My criteria being a post 2014 model with low miles. I picked a 2019 beauty, two toned red, 19k miles and all the bells and whistles. Then the wrangling began. The sales manager talked to me directly which was great, not the usual back and forth. After a bit of friendly jousting we agreed on terms, shook hands, and the deal was done.

Following a short test ride, the bike was taken to the service department for a full safety check and wash. I was sent to the paperwork guy who dutifully presented the menu of purchase options, service contracts and the oh so legal signing of the “its yours now” releases. I was then taken to the merchandise department where I was given a nice HD t-shirt for my bride. I joked they should print a shirt “ my husband bought a new Harley and all I got was this crappy t shirt”. Everyone loved the idea and I bet I will see that shirt in their showroom soon hahaha. I was then given a short introduction of all the features, my God my airplane had less buttons hahaha. Cruise control, heated grips, a full gps nav system, and so many gadgets to learn.

The last step was the ceremonial speech and bang the gong, to loud cheers and horns. I was a Harley owner now!

I returned to Yakima and the next day had to go for a ride of course. I headed up Stevens Pass to one of my old time favorite stops, the 59er Diner, famed for their huge rich milk shakes. They make over 60k of them a year! And any new bike owner knows; riding 250 miles for a milk shake makes perfect sense. The bike is a dream on the open road, amazingly comfortable. Ya old man priorities, I used to say a bike was fast, or shiny and now it is comfort.

All packed up and ready for adventure!
250 miles and worth every bit.

Again, I want to thank the team at Rattlesnake Mountain HD, who helped make my next great adventure.

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