New crew; a Yank and a new country

Again i am blessed with an exceptional crew; smart, industrious, curious and fun. This crew has made one record for sure, the tallest. Sam, at 5’9″ usually towers over all of us but not now, she is the shortest of all the girls. Often people ask if the girls are my daughters, with this crew i respond, “yes i coached women’s basketball in Europe and have several tall x wives about the continent”.

Petrina hails from the middle of America, Minnesota and recently migrated to the coast to live in Portland. In the small world category i find she is the niece of a chap from Friday Harbor i know well. Petrina recently completed her PADI Advanced Open Water course and is very eager to get some diving in. I have been teaching her basic guitar chords and she practices often. Petrina is an exceptional cook and loves to peruse the Rita Cook Book, always with great results.

Madara brings a new flag to Furthur, she hails from the small Eastern European country of Latvia. Again i am moved to have a former iron curtain country represented on Furthur, something i would not imagine to be possible in my youth. Like the girls from newly immerging post Soviet countries she is proud of her home, as i raised her flag she sang her national anthem.

A few days before “Maddi” arrived i got an sad email saying she had been in a typical SE Asian motorbike wreck and was suffering from a damaged ankle and could not get around much. As the wound was on the mend i told her to come along and we would take care of her. So glad i did! Maddi is a hoot and a half, we have long interesting talks and she does all she can with her mending hoof. Maddi tops the list of tall crew at 6’1″ she is stunningly statuesque.

So with Sam’s invaluable tutoring this new crew has formed a great bond and adapted to life on Furthur excellently. We are off to new adventures and new exotic places.