Nuka Hiva

We arrived in Nuka Hiva over a week ago. This is the largest and most boater friendly town in the islands. The anchorage is huge albeit a bit rolly— gone are the days of flat anchorages in the NW.— I met up with several cruising friends and made some new ones, again it is a very international group. The only other Yanks are a couple of young single handlers. I am so glad to see young folks taking this voyage, getting to know them has been a refreshing experience for sure.

I have picked up new crew, Phillip, a French Canadian from Montreal with years of boating experience a pleasant willing to help at all times mannor and he speaks French!! This will make the next few legs great. I am waiting for water maker parts to be delivered– about the only thing i did not cover in my spare parts list of course– It takes about a week to get things here, not bad.

So wiling away the tropical days, what is a boy to do?? I joined the number of yachties who took advantage of the opportunity to get real Marquesian tattoos. Tattooing is an integral part of the culture here and the artis in town is world renowned. sooooo as the Jimmy Buffet song goes (with a bit of change) “shes a real beauty, a Marquesian Beauty, and how it got there i haven’t a clue— actually i was quite aware of every one of the 100 painful minutes, the price of sobriety i guess. here it is