Off the dock,finally

All the tons of stuff including the new FCI water maker arrived at the marina unscathed so day’s unpacking met me when I arrived. It was like Christmas opening all the boxes, parts, spares, books and dive gear along with a new icemaker and electrical fans all filled the boat. Two days after I arrived, the first of the new crew popped in, Daphne and Paloma from Spain. Instantly I could see this was going to be fun albeit challenging. Daphne speaks little or no English so my Spanish would have to improve. Also instantly it appears these two are more than just traveling companions. Paloma blushes as she informs me they have become a couple and wants to make sure this is OK. So I get another first and another headlong challenge to my new commitment to being open to all experiences. All my in trepidations leave when I first taste Daphne’s cooking,it is sublime.

Tony is the Australian chap who I have enlisted to install the water maker, he starts right off and the installation goes well. I work side by side with him in the steaming hot lazerett. With temps in the 90’s and high humidity it is a challenge. I sweet profusely and have to continually mop up after myself but the work goes well. We call it hot engine room yoga as we must stretch into tight places. People pay for what we get to do for free, what a deal.

Next to arrive is Shadi, the Iranian girl, and then Nadia the Australian surfer. This will be a bit of a tight fit, with four crew but it all seems to work out.

The installation is done and the moment of truth arrives as we flick the breaker for the watermaker. All the wrong things happen, the high pressure pump starts immediately and the low not at all. Tony scourers the manual and cannot find where he might have wired something wrong. We do a series of tests unhooking this and that and still get negative results. I fire off an email to FCI realizing the time difference could not be worse but am glad to get a fast response at what is 7am their time. After a series of pictures are sent to the factory and some checks done it is determined the board is faulty and a new one is sent on the fast pony and will arrive in a few days.

We have applied for a permit to dive at Layang Layang and permit is time sensitive so I really hope the board gets here in time. We come up with a plan b if it does not and all agree it is possible to run the unit manually although not the best option. Also the old HRO pump I sent out for yet another rebuild should be done so it is the fall back unit. We will dive at Layang Layang one way or the other.

Waiting for the part and in the midst of a long local holiday we take the time and head back to my favorite place here, Tiga Island, where we can get a few dives in and have a mud bath. After sitting for a month Furthur needs a run and so does the new crew. The weather just does not make sitting in the marina fun and they have been patient but need adventure! The crew does an all day cleaning in and out as the work process has taken its toll on the boat and so many new things need to find a new home.

We arise early, stow a few things and cut loose the lines; Tiga here we come.