off to Moorea Island

A good time was had by all, that is all 22 aboard Furthur a new record, at the bon voyage party for the departing Danish boats, Naveren and Lady Sunshine. I have grown very fond of the crews of these two boats and will miss them for sure. We will see Naveren in a few weeks and hope to find Lady Sunshite again down the path. We all enjoyed a great BBQ with toasts to “the Queen” and many chantings if Skole. We played guitars and sang Danish/American/Brittish folk songs– old Beatles tunes for the Brits…

After taking on fuel i headed across the channel to Moorea Island, a short 15 miles away. There i met up with some of my Brit friends, the family aboard Miss Tippy. We agreed to move to the next bay for a couple of dives. I took their 11 year old son, Freddy, with me as crew. This is a young lad who has gone 2/3 around the world, he is bright and competent and a joy to have around. All three kids are. It is a wonderful experience for them and they will benefit from it for the entire lives i am sure. See their blog; it is a hoot.

Brian (the Dad), Paul (another cruising Dad) and I did three dives, two at night. We were trying to find Manta Rays but no luck. We did have great dives and saw many wonderful things.

After the two Brit boats left i moved back to Cook’s Bay and am anchored in front of the famous Bali Hai Hotel– songs from the musical South Pacific are playing in my head, sing it boys “THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DAME”

All things are fun here, even the law. I was boarded by a French customs boat this morning. They were very pleasant and after seeing my papers were in order i gave them a short look around the boat. The musician in the group was very impressed by my guitars and seemed pleased i was learning the Ukelele.

A few things to talk about; although the warm water is wonderful to jump in it seems to take it’s toll on certain moving parts. The fine coral sediments get through most filtering systems and cause damage. My water maker needed a rebuild due to this and this is the impeller out of my gen after 225 hours. So no frozen pipes but there are things to watch.