On this Day of Thanks

The wisdom from facebook. I copied these two postings and want to share them with my readers as well as they are both lessons I have learned along the way. The first one will come evident as you visit different countries and get to know people living completely differnet lifes than you, often with few if any possessions and living in substance conditions yet the happiest most generouse and loving people you have ever encountered. What becomes evident as you anchor you luxury yacht in front of a small village of bamboo shacks and dugout canoes is that it is they that have figured it out not you. They live in harmoney, they have everything they need and do not yearn for things they do not need, they are the generous ones as when they share it is sharing from the core of their world not the excess. We come to these places with the idea that they all want to be us and leave wanting to be them.

The second posting is more personal and hit the nail on the head. After a bit of living the cruising life it dawned on my that I do not hate, do not fear and do not get angry (not for long anywhay, hahaha) as I did in the past. I have no need for vengence or winning, just loving, learning and living. I have been surrounded by positive loving people, smiles and laughter. It is contageous!!!

Did I set out to attain this state? Is this why I took this journey? No, this was not “my” plan nor was I aware such a state oF mind even exsisted. Not to say that it was not “the” plan, just not mine. Fortunately I seem to have a much better navigator on my side than just me. Could I have made this metamorphisis if I had stayed at work in Seattle, if I had listened to just the right speaker, tape or read the right book? Doubtful, it took experiencing this life and then some time to realize the effects. Have I learned all I can, Hell No! I have just begun the journey, just getting the idea of all the wonders and how great life can be, a real freshman. the ol saying, “trust one who seeks the trueth, fear one who claims to have found it.”

For me this was not a sudden change, it took the small things to open my eyes, the “pile of garbage” the kid’s smile, the pony cart ride and such. Each day some small thing happens to open my eyes more to how wonderful this life really is. Pay attention to the small signs that lead to the right path I have been told. So today on Thanksgiving I have an immeasurable amount to be thankful for. I am humbled by the goodness in the world and truly in awe.

The crew of Furthur wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Hi Brian,
    Saw you last in Seattle @ QCYC with your slide show. Been enjoying your posts. Your most recent, “Thanksgiving” is one I especially like!
    Thank you,

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