Our Own Holi Celebration

One of the coolest holidays on earth and one I have wanted to partake in is the Indian celebration of Holi.


I have seen it in several movies and it cried out to me. We just missed this great time in Singapore. Singapore is the crossroads of all religions and has a huge Hindu population. Little India in Singapore is as close to actually being there as you can. I really enjoyed the time I hit the city at Deprivali another great Hindu holiday.

We celebrate every holiday we come across from the Virgin of Guadalupe Day to Australia Day and many Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim holidays. This one is all fun.

So just having missed it and knowing my yearning to play its colorful games, the crew, unbeknownst to me, planned a secret way to let me in on the holiday. While they were in the big city they procured the needed elements for observing Holi, lots of bags of colorful powders. 

At the insistence of the crew I found an isolated white sandy beach, once we left the dinghy their evil plot became known, I was hit with all sorts of colored powder and a barrage of giggles. I found my appointed stash of colors and we all had a free for all spreading the wonder colors on each other. To coin the text phrase I laughed my ass off for sure.

I have celebrated Christmas in Mexico, the 4th of July in Bora Bora, two kinds of New Years in Thailand and now Holi in Indonesia.. I do love holidays!

photos by Laura Tommarsi