Puddle Jump News in Lat 38

Just read the Latitude 38 article on the Puddle Jump; http://www.latitude38.com/eBooks/2010/L38201003.pdf check it out, starts on page 114. There are many great new friends heading across the sea.

2 thoughts on “Puddle Jump News in Lat 38”

  1. Briannnnnn,
    Hi buddy,I can’t believe I am not on the boat with you guy’s…..
    I heard someone backed out ??? Oh no,and I was packed !
    I hope you are having a great trip and all is good & safe.
    looking forward to following you and all your escapades.
    Love ya,

  2. Claudette Chaisson

    Hey Brian,

    If I remember correctly, you are leaving on the Puddle Jump any day now. We’ll be thinking of you and looking forward to an update on your crossing, and safe arrival in the Marrquesas, all the while living vicariously through you. If you ever have an empty berth while you’re in the South Pacific, Bob and I would love to join you for a week.

    It was great seeing you in PV. Safe travels and all the best,

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