Race Day in Australia

Race Day in Australia

When we first landed talk was already of the upcoming Melbourne Cup Horse Race, as race day grew near it was of little else. Being a lover of the track I became interested but never considered the magnitude of the Australian love for this race.

The Cup day is a combination of the Super Bowl, New Years Eve and Senior Prom. As I walked through town the morning of the race i discovered that this was not just a horse race but a chance for all of Australia to break out their finest attire. Group after group is ladies with big hats, high heels and the finest of dresses paraded by. Men in suits with boutonnieres followed.

We joined our neighbors and went to the closet bar we could get into, most had reservation only status and where packed. Inside the energy was rampant as the race neared.

A horse called Americaen was running with stars and stripes silks so that naturally was my pick. Another horse, When we where wild, was ridden by a jockey named Cassidy, as in the driver of Furthur, so another bet was placed.

The twenty four horse field broke evenly and soon When we Where Wild took the lead. The 3200 meters proved too long and he fell back as Americaen pulled ahead for a classic finish. Our horse won!!!!

Americaen fans celebrating.

Again the spirit of the Australia and the warmth of her people shown through, we met many great folks at the event and had a grand time.