Return to Malaysia

Our trip back down to Malaysia marks the first country we have returned to on this voyage. With all the options available to mitigate the pirate siege of the Red Sea, the one I like is to just stay in this wonderful part of the world and have fun. Not a hard choice, stay where it is cheap, fun, great diving, phenomenal people and perfect weather or; pay a year’s cruising budget to ship the boat, fight pirates or go a zillion miles out of the way around Africa.

We left Phuket and headed straight to Langkawi, a twenty hour run. This was the girl’s first over night run and they were both excited and worried. The weather gods smiled on us and we had a perfect, glassy seas, moon lit night. Not without peril as every fishing boat in the land also saw this as a good night to be out so we did the duck and dodge all the way. Fortunately the fishing boats are all lit up like a city—it is what attracts the squid they are searching for. We did pass a few more conventional net dragging boats too but not a problem.

We entered the channel into Langkawi just after day break, dropped the hook under the watchful eye of the monstorous eagle statue and Amy and I headed for shore. Marina took the opportunity to rest after her all night vigil.

We had two missions; clear customs, get Malay cell phones, this is the usual ritual when entering a new country.

Missions accomplished we pull the anchor and head the short distance to the wonderful anchorage we found on the first pass through here. No sooner had the anchor set than we were all jumping in the 88 degree water. We enjoyed the tranquility of the anchorage and the star filled night. Good to be back at anchorages with solitude.

Up before dawn we headed to the city of Penang where I hope to find past crew member Troy. Again we had a flat calm passage under a baking sun. We entered the long shipping lane into the city, wow been a while since we saw such a big city. We moored at the old city dock again. There is a very plush new marina on the north side of the island that others use. We are only staying one night and want the easy access to town so we forgo luxury for convenience. We will enjoy the cultural diversity of Goergetown and the excellent food choices—I can see the long discussion now of where we will eat dinner; Chinese, Indian, Malay all so good and so close.