Say Hello to 2011 in Sydney

[] [] [] Say Hello to 2011 in Sydney

Sydney says hello to the New Year first in the world and does it in style. The New Years Eve celebration is world famous and was certainly on my list of “must do” things. People come from all over the world to see experience the event Ausie style.

In Furhtur tradition I had a great group of past, future and current crew members along with a few new friends come for the party. To prepare we moved into the city and anchored in Blackwattle Bay, a small and protected bay in the inner city adjacent to the famous Sydney Fish Market. This was a good place to stage arrivals and we welcomed new Crew member Yael and future crew Sybille. I gorged on sea food, the girls went sightseeing and we met two boats from back home, Cats Paw from Victoria BC and Oz from Port Townsend.

Furthur in Blackwattle Bay, Sydney

Early on New Year’s Eve day we pulled anchor and with event literature in hand sought a good place to view the show. The sun was already out and the temperature was soaring into the low 30’s. The bay is sectioned off for anchoring, specific uses and no go zones. We headed into the channel and noticed an opening in Lavender Bay right under the Harbor Bridge. I pulled in and with some trepidation dropped the hook. This place just seemed too good to be true and we waited to see if we were told to move by the many Maritime Patrol boats passing by. After a couple of hours other boast filled in around us so we knew we were OK. It proved to be the absolutely best place possible to see the show.

world famous Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, Lydia, Sybille and Yael await the New Year

Boat after boat pulled in as I watched precarious anchoring techniques as boats came very close by. I relaxed a bit as it seemed the area was totally full and we seemed to just miss our neighbors and the wind spun around the clock. Soon all the boats were talking and sharing the excitement of things to come. The party picked up with the arrival of Prue and Leesa from Brisbane. The Ausie contingent is always great fun. Later and with much texting i found the wondrous wondering Chris and her friends at the beach and brought them aboard. She brought Colin from Chicago and the lovely Lisa from Kenya. The girls did, as they say in Oz, tart up and arrived in party dresses oh so short and legs oh so long!

The first event was a small air show about five o’clock, then at nine the “Children’s fireworks” wow if that is the warm up what will the real show be like? The parade of boats followed with fifty spectacularly lit large boats passed by. The huge square riggers had the rigging lit showing the outline of the sails and spars, it was beautiful. We were right next, and I mean close, to the Luna Park amusement center and apparently a private party had booked the whole place—yes they do it right in Oz. Their dance music blared and did the music from neighboring party boast. The energy built as midnight approached.

As teasers, each hour a big boom rocked and a blast of fireworks shot in the air. At the stroke of midnight the whole city exploded. Fireworks from the entire bridge and seven barges burst into the air. We all were blown away and the show just kept going and going. Waterfalls of white light cascaded from the bridge above into the water right by the boat. This is was simply the most amazing fireworks I had ever seen. I was a gasp at the spectacle.

We all toasted the New Year. Again Furthur was blessed with wonderful friends from many lands; Germany, Israel, Australia, Kenya, and a few yanks.

the crew of Furthur, seven lovely ladies from around the world and me!

This was the end of the best year of my life. 2010 held adventures, friends and wondrous lands beyond anything I could have dreamed. 2011 holds more great adventures, more amazing places and more incredible friends. As the song goes, “the future is so bright I have to wear shades!”

I want to thank all of the folks I have met, those who follow this blog, and my dear dear crew members for a magnificent year and wish all of you a memory making New Year.