Sea Shepherd in Australia

Sea Shepherd in Australia

I ran into a Sea Shepherd crew member in the city and introduced myself. He informed me that Paul Watson was in town and doing a floating fund raiser that night so I grabbed Chris—who is a long time fan but not met Paul—and headed to the event.

I first talked to Michael, the coordinator in these parts and volunteered to be the auctioneer, something I have done for SS before. He gladly accepted.

When we arrived on the party boat, Paul was astounded to see me, “what are you doing here?” After a quick rundown of my past two years and my voyage, he told me of the plans in Australia. The flotilla will leave Tasmania soon for the next Anti Japanese Whaling campaign.

The media has done a great job of telling the world about the past hidden horrors committed by the Japanese Whalers. Most countries are solid in their opposition but many fear the Japanese threats of trade restrictions.

I am ashamed to say the US put forth a removal of the long term ban on Whaling put in place by the Reagan administration. It appears Obama is more interested in his Norwegian friends—gee did they give him a Pulitzer in trade for whale killing—as he supported lifting the moratorium on whaling in the North Atlantic. Fortunately the European Union folks killed the idea— gads, the Germans saved the whales from Obama.. go figure.

After Paul’s talk, I started the auction. They had some really nice donations and we raised allot of money. I donated a River Cruise and Dinner on Furthur for six, it brought $450. and was purchased by a group of very nice ladies. I look forward to them coming along and glad to help. I had a blast with this crowd and used one unfortunate—“why did I sit in the front row?” lovely young lady as the brunt of many a ploy to get the bids up. “Buy these theatre tickets and YOU can have a date with this babe” . We had a good time laughing about it after, she was a good sport.

the big money winner, a custom autographed surf board for $1100.

So my friends reading this blog, we all detest anyone who would hurt a whale, and support Paul and crew in what they do, I know. This group, 80 crew this year, are doing what you and I would be doing if we had the guts, putting their lives on the line for whales.

But we can do the next best thing, give money. Go to right now and give—and give lots, then you will be along on the crew too. You may buy the gallon of fuel burned when they stop a harpoon from killing a whale. What better thing could you be doing right now?