Seven Year Report: the Crew

the Furthur crew crosses the Equator
The Seventh year of this great adventure The found us in the wilds of Indonesia, Raja Amput on the ill-fated Rally. We had two girls on for this entire trip, two enthusiastic divers and great cooks. The girls stayed with us through the rally course and back to Samal Island. When we reached the now dismal marina the girls Our seventh year found us in the heart Raja Amput, Indonesia on

information. If it says it on a website it is true and nothing else can be. We had one chuckle over this as we headed to the most famous and spectacular area, Wayag. After a long and often exhausting voyage I was really ready to drop that hook and leave it for a week. Wayag was the ideal spot for such a reprise. The collection of small islands is just far enough that most of the livaboard dive boats do not go there. Hence the inter net information is limited. I had heard that, amongst other attractions, the area was ripe with manta rays. One of the crew did not agree as the internet did not say so. She questioned why we would go there as –she is now emphatically pointing to her Ipad—there are only three places in Indonesia with mantas, it says so right here! Well imagine my chagrin when we anchored and saw huge mantas leaping just feet from the boat, hahaha.

After a short stay at Samal we headed into the Pacific Ocean for the voyage back north. For the first time in seven years I could not find crew on findacrew who wanted to join us. The area was just too dangerous. I recognized this and stopped trying to recruit. We were able to pick up a couple from the marina who helped in four-day trip to Cebu.

From then on it was Donna and I as we did long day hops but no over nighters thru the islands of central Philippines. We did pick up a couple of girls short term for the rest of the season but mostly just us.

Furthur did have one new outstanding new addition who is now a permanent part time crew member, Piam, Donna’s five-year-old son. He has taken to boat life like a duck to water, loves the dinghy, faster faster, the radio “service boat, pick up at Furthur” and is a champion of the environment, we did a daily kayak trip picking up plastic bottles. It is an absolute joy and blessing to have him on the boat and in my life. I am now Tito Brian!

None of this year would have been near as wonderful without my love, my friend, my companion and First Mate; Donna. Now 18 months with me and on the boat, she has made it her home and become invaluable help. My friend Behan from SV Totem, my family guru, says cruising life is like dog life in relationships, one year equals seven. We have been together, face to face, 24/7 for this time so I agree. We have grown into a great team and having a blast.

Now being “a couple” has certainly changed the dynamic of my crew situation.

With a very few exceptions Donna has bonded with the crew instantly. A couple of the gals have taught Donna to cook, one of the many things she thought not possible. Her success is evident in my expanded tummy, (more on that in a later report). Donna gave diving a good try but just did not take to it, so she has become the dinghy driver, an excellent live boat tender. Asian girls tend not to like to swim, nor are able. Donna overcame this fear and is now able to swim a bit of distance. The list of things not natural to her that she has learned is impressive, more to come.

As we have been tied to the dock for a few months, there has been no need for crew. We will again be cruising soon and have already lined up crew for next year’s adventures. We are both eager to get back out there!!

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Capt. Brian Calvert

M/Y Furthur

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