Six Year Report, the Captain

Six years ago a very scared, excited and nervous chap left the home turf he had known and loved for over fifty years and set out for the greatest adventure of his life, that was me.

Now after six years of seeing, doing and experiencing the wonders of half the world, how am i doing? i ask myself this question each year at this time.

surrounded by cruising friends on my birthday at Kota Kinabalu
Health wise i am fantastic, no worries at all. Could drop a pound or two and actually have recently. i stay fairly fit with the boat work, diving, walking and running when in a home port. This can be a challenge when i have such great cooks aboard! Ye ol back is holding up albeit with some complaints and i seem to be getting a bit stiffer, to be expected. So physically i am fit as a fiddle.. a real old fiddle that has been dropped and scratched many times haha

Age may be taking a slight toll on my memory, but i can still sit down and sing fifty songs with all the lyrics.. saw a great post the other day, showed a pic of Jerry Garcia; caption read “i can remember every song this man sang but not why i am in the kitchen” that may be very telling haha. I continue to love playing music, especially joining local bands as i did in Samal every Friday night. I also ran an open mic at the marina on Wednesday nights which brought out some of the cruisers.

joining the Good Friday procession
Spiritually i keep growing, albeit in spurts. Recent trips to small villages, dancing with bright brown eyed children, seeing the wonders of the world above and below the water feed that growth. Recently a series of events put me in a twitter, short fused and abrasive. i quickly did an inventory and shamefully realized how trivial the list of problems were and how extraordinary my list of blessings is. i actually read one of my own blog posts on my blessings and thought, gee i ought to listen to this guy, hahaha

So this past year is much like the last few, great adventures, returning to familiar loved places and people. But there is big news!! i am in love! For the past six months i have had the sublime joy of the love of a great woman. Donna has been on the boat for half this last year now and loving the boat and even more amazing, me! i have written much on the wonders of Asian women, their ability to meld with older western men and make spectacular couples, and now i am one of those guys.

So after six years of amazing adventures i am healthy, happy, playing music, diving, much closer to God and in love, what more can a man ask??

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    Hi, Brian!

    Thanks for the Reports, both Crew and Captain. I’ve really enjoyed following your adventures and candid commentary. Especially appreciated hearing how things have been going for you – congratulations on finding someone like Donna – sounds like a neat soul, and good for your soul. Tell her “Magandang umaga, Po” when you see her in the morning!

    Fair winds . . . smooth seas . . .

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  2. SUBJECT: Re: Six Year Report, the Captain

    Outstanding Captain! Truly a good destination has been achieved,

    So I guess the Red Sea is out of the question? 😉

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