Thailand in pictures

After Three months of cruising and enjoying the wonders of Thailand, here is a glimpse of what we saw, did and learned. Thailand is cruiser’s paradise, unlimited anchorages, caves and lagoons to explore, and world class diving.

anchorages abound

Kayaking at its best

warm water always good for a dip

Well kept parks

clear water and great views

Look at that water!!

world class diving

and more

and more

Phuket is famous for its night life and party world. We found some awesome live music. this my friend, Hootey, who let me sit in with him on Mondays at the ATM Bar. He is a phenomenal guitar player. I had a blast jamming with him and his band.

The famous “Lady Boys” of Phuket.

And some “real girls” Thai ladies are world renowned for their beauty and charm. there is a good reason men come from around the world to find true love in Thailand.

Thailand has three faces, the natural beauty, the party life and the spiritual relm. Here is the Big Buddha, which i visited five times and each time was a awakening experience. Life in Phuket envelopes all three faces, all enter wound in a maze of joy and all under the watchful eye of the Big Buddha.

I was blessed by the monks

i visited several Temples and was always moved by the experience.

No trip to Thailand is complete without an elephant ride

While westerners enjoy the boating and natural beauty, trip the light fantastic with the night life and become awakened by the spiritual side all with the features of the western world, the Thai fishermen go about life as they have for time eternal, unchanged.

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  1. G’Day from Oz Brian & the crew!
    Always good to hear the stories and great to see those pictures of the latest travel.
    I really hope I can join in part of your journey someday, spend some time on Furthur & share a part of your amazing adventure!
    Thanks for sharing again & wishing you all well…

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