The Beer Can Raggatta

Recycling at its best

No secret Aussies drink lots of beer, I mean lots of beer. But what do they do with all those beer cans? Actual recycling is rare and, well, boring to an Aussie. They have a much better use for the mountains of beer cans emptied for any good cause, a rugby game, a league rugby game, Australian Rules Rugby and one other kind of Rugby that alludes me now. They will drink for a Cricket Match, no small feat as it can last a week. Any number of sports events will be the catalyst for a river of suds pouring down the hatch. But one sport out does them all, the Darwin Beer Can Regatta.

This is the cycle of beer drinking life at its essence. The cans are emptied for a plethora of reasons, then more cans are emptied as the first ones are fashioned into a vessel of unique style and dubious sea worthiness. Then more cans are emptied as the race day arrives, more during the race and a whooping amount at the post race celebrations—yes enough to make next year’s entries into race.

When we arrived at Darwin we heard of the upcoming regatta with great enthusiasm so certainly had to attend. The event happens at the Mindil Beach Market site. We had already attended the Thursday night market and were blown away by the attendance and fun so this was really going to be a blast. The market was in full swing, musician; really cool dingery do and percussion group, kinda Iron Maiden meets the Outback, food, arts crafts and the usual street market fair.

We went to the beach, this is the beach we were told we teaming with crocks and poisonous jelly fish and that no local would set foot in the water. Well beer cans trump threatening wild life as hundreds waded out and swam along the bodacious fleet of beer can boats. We saw an amazing collection of design and theme boats, navel architecture to its final limits. The “race” was more of a massive water fight, looked like so much fun. There was a winner, not sure why and even an American entry.

This was another time when the Aussies shined, they love a good time and never shy from it. The live full on, it is always no worries and it is always, always fair dincum to celebrate life.