The Crew, 8 Year Report

This was Donna’s third year on the boat, in which time she has mastered most of the procedures and ways of life afloat. She has also developed a real love for our life style. Fact is she gets antsy when we stay in the marina too long, she likes cruising. She had truly become my first mate.

We did have several crew members join us, the one thing I really need to have is a good dive partner, so now I only take experienced divers. Again, we were blessed with a couple of great gals who fit right in. Now with eight years of taking crew who have come from 28 countries, I still feel this a significant element to our happy boat and great adventures.

crew dinner
We did have one instance where I simply did not follow my instincts and regretted it. Right or wrong I am adamant about not taking smokers, that is make clear in all the information a crew member receives prior to joining. Findacrew now has a new designation “quit smoking” I have learned that this can often mean “I should quit, or I want to quit, or I will quit when I get on the boat” none of these works out. So, when a gal came onboard and was going ashore to smoke I should have taken action. We often go days without going ashore and inevitably the smokers either smoke on the boat or get so cranky we all wish they did. The girl in question was smoking on the upper dick right next to the gasoline cans, so that ended her stay. In any event I am now more explicit on the policy and to follow up on my own policies. No one benefits from an unhappy crew.

Piam at watch
This was also the 3rd year young Piam joined us, he is growing into quite a helping hand on the boat. He loves his dual life with vacations spent with us. The other day he had Donna take the video chat to “his room” to show his friends at home. He knows most the tools, Piam, hand me a #15 wrench or star screw driver. I am very much looking forward to the next few years as he grows and learns to sail and run the dinghy and maybe even scuba dive. Great times are ahead for us!

caption reads “What do you mean NO?” you guess who said it hahaha.
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Capt. Brian Calvert

M/Y Furthur