The King’s Birthday

Wan Chalerm, the King’s Birthday
Today all of Thailand, and I mean all, celebrate the birthday of their beloved King Bumibol Adulyadei, Rama IV. The King is the longest reigning monarch in the world and easily the most universally loved.

His picture is lovingly displayed in every business and every home I have visited. The love of the King binds the Thai people, it is not debated, decided or arbitrary; it is essential and fundamental. I have never experienced such a love, and I find it compelling. After hearing the onslaught of negativity, vile language, cynical commentary and brutally mean language in the past US election I find the Thai resolve to be refreshing and wonderful.

So my good King, from this democracy loving, freedom of speech defending, equality demanding Yankee who has found a deep love for you and thinks of you as his King: