The Voyage

The Adventure of Furthur will begin Sept. 20 as we depart Seattle at 0300 with a strong ebb tide. The first leg will be to San Diego to stage for the FUBAR cruise to Mexico. While in San Diego we will be the guest of Selene California. Many pre-cruise functions are planned. FUBAR starts on Nov. 12th stopping at Ensenada first. For all of the information on FUBAR see . We will cruise the Sea of Cortes for about a month, depending on weather. Typically it gets cold in the “sea” by December, and i have seen enough of cold so south we will go. For about two months we will cruise the Gold Coast and areas between Porta Vallarta and Acapulco. There are several great festivals to attend at that time in the area.

The departure time for the Pacific crossing is March 1. We will make the nearly 3000 mile crossing in about eighteen days. The first landing will be in the Marquisas Islands. The Marquisas are typical of the tropical islands formed by mountain tops, with high peaks and dense jungles. I cannot wait to swing in the vines and swim on tropical streams and waterfalls. From the Marquesas we will travel southeast to the Tuamotu’s. This is a series of atolls which have coral reefs circling old volcano tops. Historically the Tuamotu’s were avoided by mariners as they are low and have hard to see hazards. We look forward to the diving in this area.

From there the trip keeps going east as we work our way to Fiji and Tahiti. The season will allow eight months of casual cruising in the south sea islands. The plans for the return trip are in the works. The options include a circumnavigation of the Pacific Ocean. This would take us to Japan, Russia and across to Alaska. We might even be able to return to Hong Kong and back to Jet Tern Marine.

The guest list is growing as the crew will be a rotating combination of friends. Starting with the trip down the coast with Derek Riley and Joe Grande, then FUBAR with John Wooldridge of Passage Maker Magazine and crew from Selene California. The schedule will keep posted on the calender.