Turning 60 in Paradice!


This is my third birthday on this voyage, each has been made special by the cruising community and last no exception. This year I got to share my birthday with my good friend Steve of Patamba. Steve and I discovered we shared 60th birthdays way back in Indonesia and have been talking party ever since. We also bantered about who was the older, but I pointed out he was born in Australia so he was a day older than I, hahaha.

The party idea started as a small dock party and soon grew to greater proportions. The marina manager was great, he let us move to the promenade where they supplied tables, music and even an ice cream cart—wow all the ice cream I could eat! Some one knew my weakness.

My good friend Peter said, hey you are turning 60 and you are a 60’s guy so let’s do a 60’s party! The idea spread and all came in fine hippy attire, tie dye shirts and headbands galore. Steve for Curious put together a play list for the DJ and the 60’s rock filled the warm Malaysian night air. We were dancing up a storm, so much so that the marina guys moved a huge fan to cool off the dancers.

In fine cruiser style food appeared and filled the long banquette table as well as libations of all kinds. Not only did the cruisers come but the local dive shop kids, the marina staff and a few onlookers we coaxed to join the dancing.

Many of the cruisers brought birthday cards and they were wonderful but the best came from the kids. I got several heartwarming handmade cards. One very special one from my young friend—my minni me- Alex. This one brought a tear to the old man’s eye.

In all my wildest dreams I would have never thought I would celebrate my 60th year on the planet in such a great way. My life is so full of blessings, the adventure, the friends and the good times. I am fit, healthy, loved and free to see the world as I dreamed of. Who could ask for more.