Two interesting boats

Two interesting boats

I have had the pleasure to cruise with two boats with very interesting approaches to the cruising life. Both enable many people and often young people the opportunity to join the cruising life, learn about the sea, boats and themselves all for relatively little expense. I sure wish I had this opportunity as a young man so I want to pass it on.

Naveren is a Danish home built full displacement, double ended sloop. She is owned by thirty two “shareholders” who along with their families have first rights on crew slots. When not full of shareholders positions are available for others to join. There is a monthly fee but it is not very much and includes all expenses. Naveren has been around the world three and a half times and just keeps going and going. The Naveren site is:

I first made contact with Naveren in Hiva Oa and soon befriended Mona and Rikke, a mother/daughter team. Mona is the designated “skipper” but most decisions are made by the group in a loose fitted organization. A strange way to run a boat but it seems to work great. Naveren sleeps nine, has one head and no shower or electric water pumps. Hence many of the girls like to come over to Furthur—“gee wow a stall shower! Aaaaaaand a washing machine, wow!!!”

I have gotten to know two crew rotations and have enjoyed all of them. It is fun to see the young folks come aboard and watch them grow as their sea time builds. The Naveren crew has partied on Furthur many times and I have enjoyed wonderful meals on Naveren. We always look forward to our next Naveren rendezvous.

Naveren at anchor waving goodbye to Furthur

The other boat opening the doors of cruising to many great people is Infinity. Built in 1977 out of faro cement she is one of the last remaining “hippie dream” boats. At over 100 feet and with cabins for sixteen she has the room for of a floating commune.

The Infinity Sea Tribe is billed as an environmental research boat—a slight stretch but it seems to open some doors. What she does is gather an amazing assortment of mostly young in age and all young at heart adventures from around the globe. They come on with stars in their eyes and leave seasoned sailors with life changing experience and bonds. All crew participate in the daily chores and maintenance projects. They also have regular sharing times called connecting dinners which bond the crew members very tightly. The boat is run by a competent young lady, Captain Annie and a resourceful engineer, Mike. Some of the crew seemed to have morphed into regular positions so the lines are foggy.

I described the whole program to my friend Andy as something more appealing to a romance novelist than a marine surveyor. Ah but I have allot of romance novelist in me too so I can feel the lure of Infinity. For complete information see: