Up the coast to Mooloolaba

Up the coast to Mooloolaba

After reconnecting with some old friends we set out again on our quest to the Great Barrier Reef. We left Manly on a bright and sunny Ausie day and worked our way through the shipping lanes, out of Morton Bay and back into the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Kara got to see her first bow riding dolphins, a thrill she will remember forever.Once again we are entering new grounds and never seen places, it is good to be cruising again.

Mooloolaba is a small river mouth town that has both river front and ocean front beaches. The Mooloolaba Yacht Club hosts many cruisers and is near all the good things; beaches, restaurants and supplies and the moorage was very reasonable by Aussie standards.

I had managed to accumulate quite a list of people I wanted to connect with while here, Findacrew reps, Ocean Watch, and some other folks I had met along the way. Top on my list was a new friend from Findacrew who I had communicated with for a while. Kate Gibson is an established recording artist with a love of boating. Her music can be found at http://www.isound.com/kate_gibson .

Kate invited Kara and I to join her for a unique music experience in a large private home used for such events, the “House with no Walls”. This is the epicenter of the Sunshine Coast live music scene. The large house is built on blocks as is the Queensland custom but breaking with the norm, it has no walls. The rooms are separated somewhat by use but open throughout. Even the bathroom has no door. The living area is big enough for a five piece band and 40 guests spread out on blankets and bean bag chairs. It is simply a musicians dream as the acoustics are unrestricted. The long drive and thick rain forest trees act as a buffer for unappreciative neighbors who are armed with some draconian Queensland sound laws. No worries here, play on!

After the concert Kate took us to her amazing home on a large sand doon island. The delta island is one long sandy ocean beach which serves at the road to her small community so the route is a few miles of beach then a rustic barge to the mainland Care must be given to plan around the tide and the barge to get to and fro making for a interesting life style I am sure.

Imagine having this be the road to your house!

The house is built on large stilts so the living area is on raised above any flood danger. They fed us fresh eggs from the many ducks and chickens they have raised, Kate and her partner Frank have made an amazing and unique home here.

We will be in this nifty town for a week, seeing friends and sitting out a weather front, then on to the Great Barrier Reef and new adventures!