Very Sad day

Today i awoke to read the news of my two sailing com padres, Bob and Phyllis. They have been murdered by Somali pirates. For full details read; Bob was crew on Furthur for the Pacific crossing and had been crewing on various boats since then. Phyllis was also a friend and an avid sailor and adventurer. These were good, honest people who loved the sea and adventure.

King Neptune (Bob) at our equator crossing

To all who have expressed concern for my safety, i am safe in Australia and considering my options for future routes, including shipping the boat to the Med. i will monitor the situation and not take any undo chances. That being said, we travel the world not in fear but in the knowledge that what we are doing has inherit danger and the best choices must be made. I will not act from fear nor will i take any undo chances or go forth unprepared.

Please keep the memory of Bob and Phyllis and know they lived life on their terms and died doing exactly what they loved high adventure. . They lived with gusto and died the same way. May they rest peacefully in the hands of God.