Welcome Aboard Amy

Amy has now joined the crew of Furthur after many months of communications and expectations. Amy is another intrepid traveler who is taking the opportunity to see the world after graduating from Uni.

It is a great pleasure to have Amy aboard for many reasons; one is she hails from the home town of my Father, Guelph Ontario in the Land of the Maple Leaf. Although traveling has dampened her accent, I still here the oooooot and abooooot of my Grandmother sneak in her conversations, hey.

Amy jumped right in the fire and joined the crew in preparing for the onslaught of my yacht club friends from home. She and Marina prepared a feast last night on the decks of Furthur. She is first up most mornings—even before me!—usually does Yoga on the pilot house top. First morning I was pounding away at my computer in the pilot house and I heard a strange noise on the top, then a bundle of blonde hair covered the sky light. I bounded up the stairs to find her is a stretched yoga pose, head on the deck.

Amy is a diver and very keen to learn all she can, I can tell already she will be a great addition to the Furthur crew. Welcome aboard Amy!