What ya gonna do till the Typhoon comes

We arrived in Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island in the tail of a tropical depression causing two days of calm seas and one of confused bumpy seas as the wind shifted. Rain came down in torrents as we entered the quiet reprise of Puerto Princesa.

It was my intention to stay here just long enough obtain our visa and the first extension, a two day wait. After getting the extensions on Monday i started hearing rumors of a building storm. After perusing the various weather sites i saw it forming far to the southeast. That tell tale circle of wind as a storm in born. I decided to wait a day and see what happened.

Tuesday the storm turned into a proper typhoon, Typhoon Hagupit, and was headed our way. The US weather gurus at NOAA predicted it would veer north and not hit the Philippines, again i chose to wait and see. Three other computer models had it heading for the northern Philippines, no one really knew what it would do. i have traveled half way around the world and have no survival stories, no stories of being caught in a typhoon. You will get not good advice on how to ride out a life threatening storm from me and i hope to keep it that way, so staying in a safe harbor is where we are.

So how does one wait impending doom? Have a party! At the invitation of John the proprietor of the cruisers hangout, the Albanico Yacht Club, i packed my gear and guitar in the dinghy and set up. A crowd gathered as the word of live music had spread throughout the anchorage.

I played my usual array of 60’s tunes, folk and blues and then ended the night doing a bit of rock and roll. I had a great rhythm section with the local gals playing tambourines.

The party got wild as they all danced to Johnny B Good and Good Lovin’. A great time was had by all, especially me.

Again i decided to sit and wait in the safety of Puerto Princesa, when i see the storm is not heading this way we will take the 3 day trip to Coron, Mother Nature trumps all other plans. I am looking forward to seeing my friends at Puerto Del Sol and Coron again as well as getting back into the water, diving, diving, diving will be the call of the days to come.

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  1. Has anyone heard from Brian? I am assuming that at the very least the local Internet infrastructure was destroyed by the typhoon but I am hoping that the Further fared better during and after the storm……

  2. SUBJECT: RE: Back to the USA

    Hello from the Keys. The trip is going well. I like land yachting.

    Saw Tim Aurit the other day and making new friends.

    I have an American friend with a crazy idea to buy a boat here in the US and run it to where you are. Crazy.

    I told him better to buy a boat over there and spend his time enjoying life.

    Keep your eyes open. He wants three staterooms and crew. Thinks steel is important. They get these ideas and it is hard to change them. I love fiberglass.

    He also wants slow speed and long range. Let’s see if you can find him something and we can make some money.

    Around 1m USD is max.

    Enjoy the Philippines and watch that storm boring down and Abby’s province of Sumar. They just got hit and now another! Shit.

    Carl French

    Carl French Yacht Sales Inc

    Seattle, USA 1 206 223 9333 – Mobil 1 206 818 2884

    Senior Yacht Consultant – New.Refit.Brokerage

    Philippine Dealer – Horizon Yacht Company


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  3. SUBJECT: Re: What ya gonna do till the Typhoon comes

    Greetings Cap Brian,Always good to read your missives….interesting, from the soul, and educational. As an old(er) air pilot I see you have also succumbed to Mother Nature as I learned through experience. We danced with her a few times over the years and found she was a unforgiving instructor.I worked for an interesting and strange German chap in the PI a few years back. He runs a large movie studio amongst other things over on Mactan Island. While living there I flew him to Palawan several times…purportedly he owns an nearby island he hopes to develop in the future. I wish you continued safe travels and please keep your fascinating journal coming our way.Cap Joe JenkinsPalm Beach Gardens, FL

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