Furthur crew meets Findacrew

Furthur crew meets Findacrew

For the last eight months I have been relying on a great website to procure crew, Findacrew.net. This has been a valuable asset which makes finding good crew very easy. I discovered that the founder of the site lives in Mooloolaba and contacted her when we arrived. I always like to support good growing businesses especially ones that have benefited me.

We had Kylie down to the boat and she was very glad to meet a Findacrew skipper and crew working well together. Kara and I both told her how well her site works and we discussed minor improvements that might be used, most of which were already in the works.

The next day Kylie called to ask if we would do some media work promoting the site and our adventure, or course I agreed always the ham! I have had a fair amount of experience with media but this was a defining first for Kara who bravely yet timidly agreed to the photo shoot.

Kylie arrived first with a reporter and photographer for the local newspaper and we did the interview and photo shoot. Then the TV news crew showed up. We did the video shoot and interview on the boat and along the dock. The reporter, a classic tall blonde, instilled comfort as she interviewed Kara sitting at the stern. Kara overcame her fears and gave an excellent interview, clearly and confidently telling of her time on Furthur while keeping her inherit sweetness that so defines her.

The cameraman was great to work with as he directed us to walk down the dock, board the boat and go about a typical scene aboard.

The interview shifted to Findacrew as Kylie was interviewed and told of how the site came to be. She used me as the prime example of a skipper who benefits from the site and Kara as a crew who can find a safe well run boat, join on great adventures and learn in the process.

We finished the day with a great lunch prepared by Kylie. Kara and I dubbed Kylie Super Woman, she developed and runs a booming business, is a dedicated mother of four, loving wife, runs a youth symphony and a whole long list of other balls in the air, all while being totally relaxed and fun; a true role model.

The day ended as we reflected on our new friend, the joy of helping a business that has been so valuable to both of us and the great leap Kara took to pull this off. Another new adventure, new friends and challenges met—or just another ho hum day in the Furthur Adventures!